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Interface Tips

What's the big circle?

Rizon's main interface is a 24 hour clock (the large circle in the centre) which you rotate to go forwards or backwards in time. The different coloured lines represent different types of light and how much time they take up in the day:

What's the number in the middle?

In the centre of the clock is the time currently being pointed to by the Time Indicator (the small white triangle at the top). When you open the app, it is set to the current time. As you rotate the clock, the time updates based on what time the Time Indicator currently points to in the 24 hour day.

What are the numbers under the clock?

The numbers under the clock are the start and end time for the type of light currently being pointed to by the Time Indicator. As you rotate the clock to different segments, the start and end times will update accordingly.

Why does the time move forward when I rotate counter-clockwise?

Because the Time Indicator stays fixed at the top, you're actually rotating the the clock around it. An easy way to imagine how it works, is if you were to lay a clock flat on a table, and hold the hour hand in place, but spin the clock counter-clockwise, the time would actually increase.